Pre-performance seminars: 5 things to look for

Come learn about 5 things to look for in the play you are about to see!  

Each talk is different! Let us surprise you. 

Convene next to the New Swan at 7:00 pm.  

(Please note:  shuttle service is not available for the seminars.)

Saturday, July 20 (2 Gents): Phil Thompson, UCI Drama

Saturday, July 27 (Merchant): Julia Lupton, English

Sunday, July 28 (Merchant): Rabbi Marcia Tilchin in Conversation with Julia Lupton

Saturday, August 3 (2 Gents): Ian Munro, Drama

Saturday, August 17 (2 Gents): Beth Lopes, director

Saturday, August 24 (Merchant): Tyrus Miller, Dean, School of Humanities