Saturday SeminarsPlease join us for short, informative talks by scholars and artists.
We convene next to the New Swan Theater at 7:00 pm.

Our seminar leaders will give you 5 things to look for in the play.

Saturday, July 23 As You Like It: Prof. Ian Munro, UCI

Friday, July 29 As You Like It: Dean Stephen Barker, UCI

Saturday, August 6 Hamlet: Dr. Greg Ungar, NSSF & Univ. of Denver

Saturday, August 13 As You Like It: Dean Georges Van Den Abbeele, UCI

Saturday, August 20 Hamlet: Prof. Sean Keilen, UCSC
Saturday Seminars
Sunday, August 21 As You Like It: Artistic Director Eli Simon, UCI

Friday, August 26 As You Like It: Composer Alan Terriciano, UCI

Saturday, August 27 As You Like It: Prof. Julia Lupton, UCI

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